Don't Settle for That Boring Margarita Mix Again

Get fun drinks with alcohol delivery services in Memphis, TN

The pre-made drinks you can get at the store are usually overpriced and too boring. Now you can get delicious and affordable pre-mixed drinks delivered right to your door with Drunken Daisies. We offer convenient mixed drink delivery services in Memphis, TN.

You can order individual 16 oz drinks ($15) , a gallon jug ($45) or jello shots ($20 for 25). Place an order for your next party or an impromptu night in. Dial 901-633-5281 to learn how soon we can visit for an alcohol delivery.

We'll keep the good vibes flowing

The last thing you want to worry about during a party is making your next cocktail. Drunken Daisies can take the weight off your shoulders with our alcohol delivery services. You can skip the hassle of buying alcohol, drink cups and bartending supplies when you partner with us. You can trust us to keep your cup filled all night long.

Ready to party the night away? We've got you covered. We extend our mixed drink delivery services to clients throughout Memphis, TN. Reach out to us today at 901-633-5281 to find out more about our alcohol deliveries.